Welcome to the Happy Moments Project, created to highlight the importance of
every day happy moments.

The following stories were curated from
the HappyDB, a corpus of 100,000 crowdsourced happy moments.

These happy stories are told through illustrations and a bit of augmented
reality (AR). With AR, these happy moments can be placed in and experienced in your own environment.

I watched two hummingbirds go to the new feeder I put up.

A coworker brought in donuts for breakfast.

I went for a run on a nature trail near my house.

This is the beginning of spring, so it was nice to see the forest coming back to life.

I completely conquered the laundry. There are no more dirty clothes in my house.

I went with my grandchildren to a butterfly display at Crohn Conservatory.

It started raining after having such hot weather for a while. It was soothing.